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Photos by Tero Ahonen (to be mentioned when publishing photos)




“Embracing everything from Nashville to Nordkapp, Salzburg to Stornoway, this Helsinki septet manages to sound like a polka band, a rock group, or a Riverdance ensemble, while remaining purely acoustic and firmly string-powered. Four fiddles, an upright bass, guitars and mandos: that’s all there is, but Frigg fill the air, live or on CD.”

- Alex Monaghan, Folkworld

“Alternately rousing and reflective – music to rope reindeer by!”

– World Music Charts Europe

“This is Blazing Fiddles on steroids! If you like that style of multiple fiddles with interesting and different backings you should look out for Frigg.”

- Jim Byrne,

“Doesn’t get much hotter than that does it? Fantastic, fantastic band.”

– Phil Brown, BBC Radio Lancashire

“This is a five-star album. Now get out there, put your dancing shoes on and spend hour after hours with these fantastic Finnish fiddlers. You won’t be disappointed.”

- Fiona Talkington, Songlines (on Polka V)