How do Nordic polskas, cunning Balkan rhythms, the joyful groove of contemporary folk music, as well as lyrical mood pieces spiced up with the fresh views of masterful arrangements sound? Combined with the majestic and nuanced touch of symphony orchestras, Frigg’s music flies to new heights!

This is the first time when such a large-scale co-operation between a folk music ensemble and orchestras is done in Finland. While the sound can easily be heard from six or seven towns over, we still recommend coming to wonder at this massive and refined Frigg sound live!

Skippering these Folkfonia-concerts is the renowned conductor Jaakko Kuusisto. The first concerts with Kuopio City Orchestra and Sinfonia Lahti in the autumn of 2019 received an ecstatic reception. Thus, the ship’s bow has now been turned towards new concert halls.