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Livestream concerts!

Here’s livestream concerts of spring 2021: -27.2. Joensuun Musiikkitalvi, Joensuu -27.2. CCM Live, Glasgow -13.3. Samuelin Poloneesi, Helsinki More information here!

Meet the band!

Who grew up listening to Richard Clayderman? Who stepped on whose fiddle? Who gets eaten if necessary? Find the answers here!

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Still here!

Hello! Obviously Covid19 ruined Frigg’s anniversary. Despite the disappointment we are planning future concerts with optimism! There are still at least two concerts coming up this autumn: 4th November at Tampere and 7th November at Vantaa. We will inform you about other upcoming concerts as soon as they are confirmed. Take care!

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Cambridge Folk Festival 2020

Frigg will perform at Cambridge Folk Festival and hope to see you there! Dates are 30th July – 2nd August 2020 and you can get tickets here: #CamFolkFest20

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Record release gigs in Finland + more reviews

Here’s our first record release gigs in Finland: 12th March G Livelab Helsinki14th March Samuelin Poloneesi 2020, Tampere4th April Maxim Kuopio Welcome everybody! Check out new album reviews of FriXX: above Sunday Times -magazine, below link to Northern Sky Reviews -website (4/5)

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First review of FriXX

Some early reviews of “FriXX” already popping up – here’s one of them! “Frixx takes an immediate hold of your soul and doesn’t let go until the last note has faded.”

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Frigg 20 years!

Come celebrate Frigg’s 20th anniversary with us! Our new album FriXX is ready to be released and lots of concerts around Europe will be announced soon. First tour date is at Celtic Connections, Glasgow, at the end of January. See you there!

Early Bird!

Gooooood Morning folks! Meet the Early Bird! We’re so happy and excited to share the first single from our upcoming album! The tune is written by Esko, performed by Frigg feat. the absolutely amazing Luís Peixoto on cavaquinho & brilliant Anni Järvelä & Siiri Virkkala on punchy and sweet additional strings! Audio & video is masterfully put together by Jyri Sariola / Mimixstudio! The world needs more happy music!