Folk music in northern Europe is evolving with a massive speed taking influences from the furthest corners of the World creating new and exciting connections and sounds. In middle of the renaissance there are two magical pockets of traditions that stick out remaining highly original and vital, two Nordic regions so far apart yet connected through a similar love and devotedness to their musical heritage, a hidden connection that has been at our fingertips for decades. Now it’s becoming concrete.

Fiddlers’ Bid (SCT) and Frigg (FIN) are two legendary fiddle bands working as torchbearers to spread the message about their unique musical backgrounds, sharing their passion and deep knowledge of traditional folk fiddling of Shetland Isles in north of Scotland and Kaustinen region in western part of Finland. Two bands with strangely similar viewpoints and approach to traditional music.

July 2017 they jumped up on stage together for the first time as a powerhouse of 14 musicians turning the audience totally wild, sending a firework of reels, polkas, polskas and waltzes over the dancing crowd. A massive new sound was born – so fresh and original but at the same time so familiar, an union that was clearly meant to happen. The first chapter of the magical story is now written and there’s more to come – no doubt about it!