Cambridge Folk Festival 2020 Cambridge Folk Festival 2020 Frigg will perform at Cambridge Folk Festival and hope to see you there! Dates are... March 10, 2020 Record release gigs in Finland + more reviews Record release gigs in Finland + more reviews Here's our first record release gigs in Finland: 12th March G Livelab Helsinki14th March Samuelin Poloneesi 2020,... February 20, 2020 First review of FriXX First review of FriXX Some early reviews of "FriXX" already popping up - here's one of them! "Frixx takes an... January 27, 2020 Frigg 20 years! Frigg 20 years! Come celebrate Frigg's 20th anniversary with us! Our new album FriXX is ready to be... January 4, 2020 Early Bird! Early Bird! Gooooood Morning folks! Meet the Early Bird! We're so happy and excited to share the first... October 16, 2019